One of the features within AUTOMATIONAI is the AUTOMATIONAI Bootcamp, serving as its primary front end option. Additionally, there are five other options available, known as OTOs (One-Time Offers), which include AUTOMATIONAI PowerUp, AUTOMATIONAI Clickvio Unlimited, AUTOMATIONAI NewBSuite Deluxe, AUTOMATIONAI Email Marketing Agency, and AUTOMATIONAI AI Copy Domination.

Below, you can locate the link for the primary front end (front end 1) and all five OTOs (OTOs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) for AUTOMATIONAI.


OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

AUTOMATIONAI Bundle Deal (SAVE $195): Get AUTOMATIONAI Commercial FE + ALL Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $195)
>>>Grab Your Early Bird Discount

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AUTOMATIONAI FastPass Deal (SAVE $185): Get ALL AUTOMATIONAI Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $185)
>>>Grab Your Early Bird Discount

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AUTOMATIONAI OTO 2: Clickvio Unlimited
>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AUTOMATIONAI OTO 4: Email Marketing Agency
>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AUTOMATIONAI OTO 5: AI Copy Domination
>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

In today’s digital landscape, email marketing holds a pivotal role for both businesses and individuals. It serves as a direct and personalized means of connecting, engaging, and fostering growth in our online world.

Unlike some other forms of online communication, email marketing lands directly in a recipient’s inbox, creating a sense of intimacy and reliability. It enables businesses to maintain ongoing communication with their customers, share valuable insights, and promote products and services effectively.

Furthermore, the remarkable advantage of email marketing lies in its ability to track and measure results, offering insights into email open rates, link clicks, and recipient actions. This data empowers marketers to fine-tune their strategies for improved outcomes.

Now, let’s introduce AUTOMATIONAI – a groundbreaking tool that seamlessly integrates the prowess of email marketing with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative fusion is poised to elevate the efficiency, engagement, and profitability of your email campaigns.

It ushers in a new era in the realm of email marketing, promising to empower businesses and individuals with the means to achieve even greater success in their online endeavors.


AUTOMATIONAI OTO is a cloud solution that goes beyond your ordinary autoresponder and removes all previously known restrictions.

In fact, “The money is in the list” is the most known Internet Marketing adage for a reason: when you have a list, all you have to do is send an email and make money. You See, With Email Marketing YOU Control Your Own Destiny – And Not Big Corporations. Bottom line is this: if you’re not building and mailing your list, you’re missing out on huge paydays and you’re missing out on the easiest way to make money online possible. Chances are you maybe even tried email marketing at some point but gave up. Or you’re still promoting to your list but not getting the results you’ve wanted & you are looking for a better solution.

Let’s Face It: Email Marketing Is HARD. Even if you pay hundreds of dollars each year for a top of the line autoresponder, they most likely will reject your list or severely limit the sort of results you can get. And if you go with any of the one-time fee ones, let’s face it: most of those don’t exist & work for more than 2 weeks. Besides, you’ve probably heard horror stories yourself, from autoresponders whose servers go down without any notice, or they just don’t deliver emails or all your emails are going to the SPAM folder. Plus you’d have to go through a ton of additional headaches such as losing subscribers due to “unknown errors” or paying for the service every single month even if your subscriber count is 0. And the WORST PART? NO autoresponder out there gives you leads, helps you build your list, cleans it for you and even writes emails for you. Lucky for you… there’s HOPE. Today you can get stronger than ever before with your email marketing campaigns while leaving ALL hurdles behind. Introducing AUTOMATIONAI – the best and only autoresponder you’ll ever need (99% uptime, 99% deliverability, 100% reliability!)

Finally You Can Now Grab Your Share Of The Huge & Growing  Email Marketing Space Without The Need To Pay Outlandish Recurring Fees Or Go With Cheaper Alternatives Only To Get A Lousy Service That Doesn’t Even Deliver All Your Mails Properly And On Time.

  • Step 1: Login To their Cloud Email Platform That 20,000+ People Already Use Every Day (There is NOTHING for you to set up, configure or host – they give you your own SMTP sending server and dedicated IP!)
  • Step 2: Upload Your List Or Use The Built-In Done-For-You Email Leads Inside (No restrictions on imports up to 1 million+ leads, list cleaner is built in to remove invalid emails and maximize deliverability!)
  • Step 3: Use Their AI Email Writer & Enjoy Profit-Sucking, Money-Making Emails The RIGHT Way (PLUS send SMS texts and social media messages too using their 3-in-1 platform!)

Don’t know anything about email marketing but willing to give it a try? AUTOMATIONAI has got you covered, too. Thanks to extraordinary Ai technology it’s easier than ever to set up email campaigns: get DFY email leads and pre-written emails within the same interface. Did I hear JACKPOT? Basically they are offering a complete business-in-a-box for peanuts. And it’s a one-time fee meaning you can take advantage of this revolutionary autoresponder and lock in passive profits forever. Reach thousands of leads in seconds with just a push of a button – this is the reality that AUTOMATIONAI brings forward. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t think it over.


Vendor Neil Napier
Product AutomationAI
Launch Date 2023-Nov-17
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Email Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • The Most Powerful Mailing System At Your Fingertips, For Zero Recurring Fees: AUTOMATIONAI is the future in terms of email marketing technology, all without charging you any monthly fees. 20,000+ marketers and businesses trust us every day with their emails for the past 3 years so they’re here to stay as well and you’re guaranteed 99% deliverability and uptime.
  • Built-In Dedicated SMTP Servers And IP Pools: It comes with pre-configured SMTP servers and dedicated IPs so there is NOTHING for you to configure, connect or pay for before mailing. Just upload your list and start sending emails.
  • Send SMS Text Messages To ANYONE: With this software, you’re not limited to emails only. SMS texts get a 90% open rate and you can now send them out to anyone’s phone number right from within AUTOMATIONAI, using their own SMS servers
  • Build Your List With DFY leads: Don’t have a list yet? No problem: they give you done-for-you email leads (and clean them for you as well) PLUS – you get to blast your link to ANYONE on Instagram with the click of a button so you can drive affiliate commissions and generate more unique leads. You can even use their AUTOMATIONAI Social module to build your email list for you on complete autopilot
  • Your Own Personal Email Writer: You don’t have to write your own emails with this: just insert your product and answer a few questions and their AI writer will create the perfect high converting email for you! It’s based on winning email swipes from their 7 figure copywriter!
  • Up to 1Million Subscribers With NO Limitations: With this, you’re not capped AT ALL on the number of emails you can send, the number of subscribers you can have (up to 1 million subscribers) or how many campaigns you can run.
  • Cloud Based, Mobile Responsive Software: You and your audience can access AUTOMATIONAI from anywhere, even your smartphone due to our groundbreaking design, which means you can literally double your sales as over 50% of online traffic is mobile
  • Designed by Marketers for Marketers: It has been built from the ground up to be marketer-friendly, meaning you can upload your list of subscribers straight into the app with no double opt-in and no verification required. Start mailing from TODAY!
  • Super Reliable: Schedule your emails to go off when you want to using their editor with no annoying delays and no downtime.
  • Gorgeous Designs: It is perfect for you even if you don’t currently have a list. Their premium drag & drop opt-in form creator transforms any visitor into a subscriber!


  • State-Of-The-Art cloud autoresponder with no restrictions
  • Built-In dedicated SMTP sending servers INCLUDED & PRECONFIGURED
  • Built-in dedicated IP pools for best delivery INCLUDED & PRECONFIGURED
  • Don’t have your own list? No problem: they give you DFY fresh leads you can mail
  • Can’t write your own emails? No problem: their AI email writer writes them for you every day on autopilot!
  • Start mailing TODAY & make your first affiliate sales (with no restrictions)
  • 20,000+ customers trust us with their email marketing every day
  • 99% uptime and 99% deliverability: they’ve been live for 5+ years and never failed a single customer!
  • Store up to 1 million email leads on your lists
  • Instant import with no double opt-in or verification
  • Send SMS texts to anyone right from within the app
  • Your own “SMS” autoresponder with built-in servers
  • List cleaner built-in: only mail to verified leads!
  • FIGHT INFLATION: cancel your monthly fee autoresponder, copywriter, list cleaner, SMTP server and paying for solo ads
  • No monthly fees, ever!
  • Cloud based, mobile responsive
  • 100% newbie friendly.

Persuasive Factors Influence Your Choice To Purchase This Product

Let me show you some factors below:

  • The AI-Powered Feature Helps You Write Engaging Emails

Simply provide your product details and answer a few questions, and the AI will generate compelling, high-converting emails for your campaigns. This not only saves time but also ensures your emails are finely tuned for success.

Furthermore, AUTOMATIONAI prioritizes reliability, ensuring your scheduled emails go out as planned without any delays or downtime.

In addition to email marketing, AUTOMATIONAI also allows you to send SMS text messages to your audience. SMS messages boast an impressive 90% open rate, making them a highly effective communication channel.

With AUTOMATIONAI, you can effortlessly engage with your subscribers through both email and SMS, broadening your marketing reach and impact.

Whenever email content is produced, the system will give you the full report and score for this content. It means that you will know where the problem is and how to fix it (this app also suggests some options to fix problems, so don’t worry). Even though AI does all the things, you still can make it perfect until it fits your needs.

  • With AUTOMATIONAI, You Have The Freedom To Send Unlimited Emails

While other email marketing tools often impose restrictions on the number of subscribers or emails you can send, AUTOMATIONAI liberates you from such constraints.

Whether you have a modest or extensive audience, this exceptional flexibility guarantees that you can expand your email marketing endeavors without any concerns or limitations holding you back.



Get AUTOMATIONAI Commercial FE + ALL Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $195)

  • ALL OTOs
  • All bonuses


Create & Profit With Instant Email Automations – In Less than 5 Minutes

Hire Your Lifetime Email Copywriter For A One-Time Price!

Every Email You Send Becomes an Unstoppable Sales Machine! No Writing Experience Needed, No Tech Mumbo Jumbo.

Here’s What You’re Getting For A One-Time Fee!

  • 10 Email Campaigns
  • Up to 300 Emails
  • Outcome planner
  • Seamless Integration with different CRMs
  • High-Performing Subject Line Generator
  • Automated Email Scheduler
  • Choose Your Tone
  • Audience Personalization
  • Sequence Customization
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Export & Download
  • Commercial Rights

Plus, a 14-Day List Building Bootcamp!

  • Bonus #1: Making 6-Figures With AUTOMATIONAI
  • Bonus #2: Instant Email Popup Generator
  • Bonus #3: Squeeze Page Generator

Use Coupon Code AUTOMATION for an Addition $2 Discount


Get the AUTOMATIONAI Fast Pass Deal and Get All the OTOs, Features, & Bonuses for a Massively Discounted One-Time Price


>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

The PowerUp upgrade of AUTOMATIONAI allows you to 10x your results with AUTOMATIONAI. This is perfect for you if you want to send more emails to your list and generate more revenue.

  • Write 120 Sequences Each Year
  • Create 840 to 3,600 Emails
  • Never Expire
  • Powerful Subject Line Generator
  • Unlock Winning Sequence Angles
  • Generate Enhanced Email Sequences
  • Explode Your List’s Potential
  • Unlimited Campaign Ideas
  • Send More, Sell More
  • Use In Any Autoresponder
  • Instant Export & Download
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • Priority Customer Support

AUTOMATIONAI OTO 2: ClickVio Unlimited ($77)

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

With Clickvio Unlimited, you have a chance to increase the potential of your email marketing by unlocking unlimited campaigns, unlimited email templates, and our secret email vault. You can use Clickvio to turn emails created by AUTOMATIONAI into pieces of art.

  • UNLIMITED Campaigns 
  • Unlimited Email Templates
  • 100% Cloud Based
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Retargeting Pixels
  • Export Emails To Any Autoresponder
  • MJML Technology Framework
  • 100 Additional Modern Email Templates 
  • Additional Email-Friendly Widgets 
  • Access To Our Unlimited Emails Vault
  • Fast-Track Priority Support 

AUTOMATIONAI OTO 3: NewBSuite Deluxe ($67)

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

Unleash your potential with our premium upgrade and break free from usage limits. Say goodbye to constraints and hello to ultimate cost savings for life. Scale like a pro without fear of hitting your limit, and maximize your earnings effortlessly.

  • UNLIMITED Credits
  • 50 Sub-Accounts
  • Full access to all 13 products
  • Marketing Suite
  • Create Offer Pages
  • Create Optin Pages
  • Create Scratch Off Pages
  • Traffic Generation Suite
  • Create Social Graphics
  • Create Social Posts
  • Design YouTube Thumbnails
  • Advertising Design Suite
  • Create ads for ANY platform
  • PowrWriter – A Flexible, Powerful AI Copy Creation Tool
  • Page Scraper – Find great leads for any niche.
  • Map Leads – Use Google To Generate Quality B2B Leads
  • 6 Premium Courses
  • Course 1: DFY Traffic Bundle
  • Course 2: DFY Social Bundle
  • Course 3: DFY MMO Bundle
  • Course 4: DFY Motivation Bundle
  • Course 5: DFY Email Bundle
  • Course 6: DFY Affiliate Bundle
  • Fully Hosted By Us – no website required
  • Commercial License Included

AUTOMATIONAI OTO 4: Email Marketing Agency ($37)

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

With this upgrade, you can elevate your online presence with a DFY Business Website, complete with content, client testimonials, and service samples. Don’t miss out!

  • DFY Business Website
  • All Website Pages Created with content
  • Add Business Client’s Testimonial
  • Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration
  • DFY Sales Proposal
  • DFY Email Swipes
  • DFY Telemarketing Scripts
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Graphics Banner
  • DFY Business Cards
  • DFY FB Ads Creatives
  • DFY Rate Cards
  • DFY Letterheads
  • DFY Invoice
  • BONUS: Ready-Made Client Contracts
  • BONUS: DFY Lead Magnets
  • BONUS: 100+ DFY FB Ad + Copy Templates

AUTOMATIONAI OTO 5: AI Copy Domination ($27)

>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

Unleash the potential of your email campaigns and skyrocket your list’s ROI effortlessly. Our course is tailored for beginners, teaching you the art of crafting high-converting sales pages in under an hour, without any technical wizardry or costly software. Discover how to transform features into benefits, master efficient market research, create compelling headlines, write captivating CTAs, and optimize your copy using ChatGPT.

  • Crafting Features & Benefits
  • Sales Page From Scratch
  • Creating Irresistible Bonuses
  • Developing CTAs
  • Researching Target Audience
  • FAQ Mastery
  • Persuasive Opening
  • Testing & Optimizing
  • Email Mastery

Who Is The Anticipated User?

The anticipated users of AUTOMATIONAI are individuals and businesses engaged in email marketing who seek an efficient and cost-effective solution to streamline their email campaigns.

This tool is designed for both beginners looking for an easy-to-use platform and experienced marketers who want to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance their email marketing efforts.

It caters to a wide range of users, including affiliate marketers, online businesses, content creators, and anyone looking to improve their email marketing performance.



  • AUTOMATIONAI offers a cutting-edge cloud autoresponder with no restrictions, giving you full control over your email marketing campaigns.
  • The platform includes pre-configured SMTP sending servers, eliminating the need for external setups or configurations, and ensuring seamless email delivery.
  • AUTOMATIONAI comes with dedicated IP pools, optimizing email delivery for better results.
  • If you lack your own email list, AUTOMATIONAI provides ready-to-use leads, allowing you to start mailing right away.
  • You don’t need to write emails yourself; the AI email writer creates engaging emails for you automatically, making daily email marketing effortless.
  • You can begin mailing and making affiliate sales with no restrictions from day one.
  • Over 20,000 customers trust AUTOMATIONAI for their email marketing needs, highlighting its reliability and popularity in the industry.
  • Instantly import your leads with no double opt-in or verification requirements, streamlining the process.
  • Use it safely with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has 24/7 white-glove support to address any questions or issues that may arise.


  • The price of AUTOMATIONAI may increase in the future, potentially affecting affordability for new users.


  • Is AUTOMATIONAI Cloud-Based? Yes, It is a cloud-based autoresponder solution easy to access from anywhere. Works with Mac, PC and mobile.
  • Does AUTOMATIONAI Come With Its Own SMTP Servers? Yes, all AUTOMATIONAI accounts get their own SMTP servers and dedicated IPs already included and pre-configured. It’s like Aweber or GetResponse – there is NOTHING for you to do other than upload your list and start mailing, texting or messaging people on Instagram.
  • Does It Cost A Monthly Fee? When you act now, you’re getting one-time access to AUTOMATIONAI without EVER having to pay a monthly fee.
  • Are Others Using It Already? Yes – they have over 20,000 people using their autoresponder infrastructure already. That means you can safely expect us to continue to offer the best possible service, with the best deliverability rates, no downtime, and premium support.
  • Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience To Make This Work? NO – It is seamless and 100% newbie friendly.
  • Is Support & Training Included? Absolutely. By purchasing today you can get instant access to the training portal and the 24/7 support desk.


REMEMBER! If you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions)

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

♦ Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.

AutomationAI Bundle Deal (SAVE $195): Get AutomationAI Commercial FE + ALL Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $195)
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AutomationAI FE – Coupon code: AUTOMATION
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AutomationAI FastPass Deal (SAVE $185): Get ALL AutomationAI Upgrades For A Low, One-Time Payment (SAVE $185)
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AutomationAI OTO 1: AutomationAI PowerUp
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AutomationAI OTO 2: Clickvio Unlimited
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AutomationAI OTO 3: NewBSuite Deluxe
>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AutomationAI OTO 4: Email Marketing Agency
>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

AutomationAI OTO 5: AI Copy Domination
>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

»»Theme Bonus Package««

»»Plugin Bonus Package««

»»General Bonus Package««





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