Minute Pop OTO: Own Your 6-Figure Newsletters!

Introducing Minute Pop, a revolutionary platform that empowers you to effortlessly build and expand your own thriving newsletters using state-of-the-art technology and captivating content. Our Comprehensive Ready-Made Startup Kit ensures you receive expertly crafted newsletters that can be tailored to seamlessly align with your brand.

We take care of the entire process for you, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your subscriber base. Whether you possess a website or not, Minute Pop offers tailored solutions to suit your needs. Initiating your venture is a breeze, and they provide AI tools to facilitate the scalability of your newsletters.

Furthermore, benefit from personalized mentor support and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Embark on your journey to generating six-figure newsletters today, all for just $47!


OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!


Minute Pop OTO stands as an innovative solution, blending both software and training components. This comprehensive program equips you with all the essentials needed to swiftly initiate, expand, and capitalize on email newsletters.

By integrating pre-designed lead magnet funnels, customizable newsletter templates, popup builders, and even AI-driven copywriting tools, Minute Pop OTO streamlines and automates the entire procedure.

The core concept revolves around enabling individuals, regardless of technical expertise, to establish their own flourishing, revenue-generating email list within minutes. No intricate skills are necessary; you simply insert your links, personalize it with your brand, and let Minute Pop take care of the rest.

Developed by the renowned internet marketer Cindy Donovan and her team at Wildfire Concepts, the platform addresses the common challenges faced by newsletter beginners, such as:

With Minute Pop, you gain:

  • Professionally Written Weekly Newsletters: No more content creation struggles. Select your audience, activate in a minute, and go live.
  • Automated Delivery: Forget scheduling worries; set up once, and it runs all year.
  • Current, Evolving Content: Weekly content relevant to your audience’s interests and industry trends, not just a collection of emails.
  • Easy Monetization: Effortlessly earn from your newsletters with a simple setup. Choose your ad banner and destination website for traffic.
  • Simple Lead Capture: Use our WordPress plugin or standalone script for an email opt-in popup aligned with your brand, funneling sign-ups to your newsletter.
  • Solutions for Beginners: If you’re starting, enjoy our hosted, branded, automated lead magnet funnels, already linked to your newsletters.


Vendor Cindy Donovan
Product Minute Pop
Launch Date 2023-Dec-10
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $47
Product Type Newsletter and Lead Capture
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Cindy Donovan

Minute Pop is the brainchild of the talented and experienced Cindy Donovan, who has overcome numerous challenges in her career and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills that few can rival in the industry.

Cindy’s products have consistently topped the bestseller lists, including Mailermatic, SociEmpire, SociJam, and others. In the next section of this Minute Pop review, we’ll delve into the package’s contents and discover its many features.


Five Weekly Newsletters Written For You: 

Trending topics each week, with your logo, your ads and your brand. Fully managed for you

Easy Popups WordPress Or Website: 

Already have a website? Easy! Add our plugin or standalone script & build your lists faster

No Website? No Worries: 

We’ve created fifteen completely done for you, hosted lead magnet funnels branded in under one minute

Fast Start Training: 

Video 1 Has Average Member’s Managed-For-You System Live & Automated In About 1.6 Minutes, ready to grow

Free Autoresponder: 

We’ll show you how to tap into a new AR & source of traffic that literally pumps leads straight into your account

Exclusive AI GPT’s Allow You To Scale It: 

Use our custom created AI tools to turn each of the five newsletters into 10+ that you can sell!

One-On-One Mentor Support Included: 

Login to your dashboard to be assigned your personalized (human) mentor, available via chat

Fifteen Complete Email Capture Funnels: 

All pages are written, designed and hosted. All emails queued and branded to you in under one minute.

No Code, No Writing, No Design Skills Needed: 

All 15 of your email funnels are ready to use. Each delivers a unique/high value gift after they sign up

Automated Emails With Your Links: 

After they receive their gift, we add them to your newsletter. We’ll pick one perfectly suited to their interests

Easy & Perfectly Beginner Friendly: 

Simplicity is key here. Each of your funnels has a single link. Copy, paste and share using tools we provide

BONUS Free Website & List Software: 

You will be supported set up your very own website, standalone email list. Then we’ll show you straightforward methods to using it to make sales or even selling it!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: 

Try this out for yourself. If you’re not absolutely loving it let us know, we want you to try this risk free.


Step 1 # Select

Choose the audience you’d like to grow, selecting the newsletter of your choice

Step 2 # Brand

(Optional) Your logo, your brand name & sponsored ad.  Or let them manage it for you!

Step 3 # Pop!

Use WP or our standalone app, build a customizable pop up & get subscribers

Elevate your email marketing game in 2024 effortlessly with MinutePop, seamlessly integrating trending and personalized content into your communication strategy. Experience a quick setup that takes just a minute, and witness the flourishing growth of your email lists.

Minute Pop transcends conventional email newsletters; it's a revolutionary tool transforming how you engage with your audience. Utilizing cutting-edge pop-up technology, it ensures a remarkable surge in your subscriber base. With a simple activation, you're ready to redefine your digital footprint.

The benefits extend beyond:

Bid farewell to the complexities of integrating email capture forms. All content is pre-written, eliminating the need for weekly writing marathons. Bypass the hassle of managing autoresponders and scheduling emails; Minute Pop handles it all in under a minute. Moreover, Minute Pop caters not only to WordPress enthusiasts but also provides a versatile pop-up generator accessible from its dashboard, compatible with any website, WordPress or otherwise.

Even for those without a website, Minute Pop doesn't leave you stranded. They offer a set of 15 complete, instantly ready websites, fully hosted and automated.

Users echo a revelatory experience with Minute Pop, praising its simplicity in setup and automatic generation of high-quality, relevant content, leading to a substantial increase in subscriber lists.

Particularly noteworthy is the monetization aspect, with users seamlessly integrating affiliate links within newsletters, unlocking a previously untapped revenue stream.

In summary, Minute Pop emerges as an indispensable tool for your online endeavors in the coming year. It's a must-have for your blog, website, or digital toolkit.

Drawbacks While Minute Pop stands as a robust tool, users have noted some limitations. Customization options, though sufficient, could benefit from expanded features to offer more creative control.

Additionally, while the automated content is of high quality, incorporating a personal touch or unique voice may pose occasional challenges.

Testimonials and Case Studies Kevin Berry, a fellow user, shares his enthusiasm, stating, "2024 is going to be great! Having everything set up so all I have to do is touch it is incredible."

Overall Minute Pop transcends being a mere tool; it presents a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking to leverage the power of email marketing without the usual hassles. Its blend of user-friendliness, automation, and monetization potential positions it as a must-have for digital marketers in 2024.

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting, Minute Pop provides a pathway to effectively and profitably reach and engage your audience.


In my perspective: Is the Investment Justifiable? Drawing from my experience as a seasoned digital marketer who regularly engages with diverse newsletter and lead capture solutions, I've had the chance to thoroughly explore Minute Pop. This innovative platform claims to redefine the landscape of email marketing in 2024.

Within this segment of the Minute Pop review, I'll delve into my personal encounters and insights, aiding you in determining whether Minute Pop is the transformative tool your marketing strategy craves.

Personal Experience and Insights My encounter with Minute Pop has been overwhelmingly positive. The platform lives up to its commitment to simplicity and efficiency. I was particularly impressed by the content quality and the seamless incorporation of monetization options. The AI customization tool was a pleasant surprise, offering artistic control over the content.

Unmatched User-Friendliness Minute Pop truly shines with its approachable design. The setup is a breeze: add your logo, choose your audience, select your popup display, and you're good to go.

The platform caters to both novices and seasoned marketers, significantly cutting down the time and effort typically needed to launch a successful email marketing campaign.

Comprehensive Content and Monetization What distinguishes Minute Pop is its fully managed lead funnels and monetized newsletters. Their team crafts weekly, niche-targeted newsletters packed with trending news and your affiliate links. This not only saves time but ensures your content is consistently pertinent and captivating.

Comparative Assessment with Competitors Minute Pop's entirely automated system is a game-changer in comparison to other newsletter services. Traditional platforms demand extensive manual input for content creation and newsletter management, while Minute Pop automates these processes, freeing up valuable time for other business endeavors.

When juxtaposed with other leading newsletter and lead capture solutions, Minute Pop impressively holds its ground:

  1. Simplicity: Minute Pop's simplicity and swift deployment outshine many platforms offering similar features.
  2. Content Relevance: While most solutions provide content, the evolving and trending nature of Minute Pop's content is a substantial advantage.
  3. Customization and AI Integration: The AI-driven customization is an innovative feature lacking in many competitors.
  4. All-in-One Package: Minute Pop's inclusive approach, providing everything from content to monetization, sets it apart from solutions that offer only segmented features.

Impact Evaluation In the realm of digital marketing, where audience engagement and conversion are pivotal, Minute Pop presents an effective solution. Its impact lies in simplifying intricate processes, making newsletter marketing accessible to a broader user base, ranging from novices to seasoned marketers.

Legitimacy and Profitability Based on my analysis and experience, Minute Pop emerges as a legitimate tool with genuine profitability potential. Its well-designed features and user-friendly interface position it as a valuable asset for anyone aiming to enhance their email marketing strategies.

Training and Support The platform offers detailed step-by-step guides and mentorship support, transforming it into more than just a tool—it becomes a comprehensive learning resource. This proves particularly advantageous for those new to email marketing or aiming to elevate their existing strategies.

Lead Capture and Popups The seamless execution of popups for lead capture is noteworthy. Whether utilizing WordPress or any other website, the setup is straightforward.

Minute Pop provides pre-made lead magnet funnels for those without a website, a significant advantage over competitors that often mandate a pre-existing website.

Tailored to Diverse Niches Minute Pop caters to various interests, from parenting and health to tech and digital marketing. This diversity enables users to target a broader audience or concentrate on specific niches, enhancing the platform's versatility.

AI Integration and Customization The incorporation of AI for customizing newsletters gives it a distinctive edge. It enables personalization and tailoring of content to specific audience needs, a feature not commonly found in other similar tools.

Profitability and ROI Concerning profitability, Minute Pop stands out. The ease of setting up targeted, monetized newsletters with minimal effort makes it a highly profitable tool for those aiming to monetize their email lists effectively.

In the saturated field of email marketing tools, Minute Pop distinguishes itself. Its unique amalgamation of simplicity, dynamic content, integrated monetization, AI-driven customization, and inclusivity positions it as a top contender in the digital marketing toolkit of 2024.

For marketers seeking an efficient, profitable, and user-friendly newsletter solution, Minute Pop undeniably justifies the investment.


For a limited time, you can take advantage of the early bird discount for Minute Pop with the options listed below. Choose the one that best suits your needs before this special offer ends!


Option 1, Minute Pop Collection Starts At $46.47 progressing to $47, then jumping to $67 after launch for unlimited subscribers and 12 months of weekly newsletter content. Members can keep access to all funnels, lead funnels and content beyond the 12 months but their subscribers will no longer receive the weekly newsletters

Option 2, Minute Pop Annual, locked at $37 a year for the duration of the launch, increasing to $97/yr at the end of the launch.   This includes unlimited subscribers, weekly newsletters, unlimited promotions and displays of your popups.
Option 3, Minute Pop Monthly, positioned as a cheaper option, this will yield high returns for you as an affiliate, offering entry at $27 and then $19.97/month thereafter.   This includes unlimited subscribers, weekly newsletters, unlimited promotions and displays of your popups.

There is an option for you to get Minute Pop Bundle $297 Bundle Offer Includes All Funnel Items:

  • Minute Pop Collection & Bonuses
  • Minute Pop Boost + Bonus 8 Newsletters
  • Minute Pop Agency Dashboard
  • Minute Pop Webinars
  • 12 Months of Unlimited Weekly Newsletters In All Included Niches
  • BONUS: Whitelabel Editing Permissions On ALL Included Funnels (only available when purchasing the bundle offer)
  • BONUS: Collection of 270+ Downloadable Lead Magnet Funnels & Their Source Codes Plus 2 Each Month (Lifetime access, no added charges)



  • Five Added Newsletter Niches: Unlock relationships/dating, spirituality, home/design, fashion and personal development newsletters!
  • Fifteen Additional Lead Magnet Funnels: Ready to use, with pages, downloads, email sequences and even promo tools ready to use immediately
  • BONUS: FIVE MORE NEWSLETTERS! You’ll have a total of 15! New niches: eCom, marketing, green living, arts & culture + digital nomad
  • BONUS: Advanced Training Videos! Discover how to make your own ‘Minute Pop’ style lead funnels in this step by step video series
  • BONUS: Advanced Training Checklist: Know exactly what to do and in what order, use our resources and shortcut strategies
  • BONUS: 30 Day Fast Start Planner: Only got 5-10 mins a day? Complete these funnels by getting the most out of your spare micro-moments!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We’ll extend our 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. so you can try this, risk free.


  • Unlock Agency Dashboard: Offer branded newsletters to your clients, take the payments and create their accounts in the dashboard
  • Agency Training Materials: We’ll show you how to set up, brand and distribute the newsletters for your clients and include additional bonus tools
  • GIVE To Existing Clients: If you have clients who have paid $97+ for your service you can include this as an additional upgrade for them
  • SELL Directly: Offer a managed for them newsletter service for one or multiple emails at a once-off or monthly charge. It’s up to you!


Unlock 8 handcrafted auto-webinars created to perfectly complement the top 8 niches, using software to capture leads and put them into cleverly crafted warmup webinars and nudge them into buying (with your affiliate links).

These boost conversion rates dramatically when pushing new subscribers to the sale and are 100% automated.


conclusion Minute Pop emerges as a robust tool designed to assist you in establishing, overseeing, and expanding a successful email marketing campaign and subscriber base.

Whether utilizing its user-friendly plugin or script, leveraging pre-built lead magnet funnels, or tapping into its exclusive AI technology, Minute Pop empowers you to launch effective newsletters, captivate your audience, and capitalize on your content.

The personalized mentor support ensures you receive guidance at every juncture of your email marketing endeavor.

For those aiming for six-figure success with their newsletters, Minute Pop stands as the solution. It provides a straightforward and results-oriented approach to elevate your email marketing strategy to unprecedented levels.

Seize the opportunity to bring your dream email list to life – access Minute Pop today for just $47 and kickstart your journey toward success.

It's important to note that individual results may vary, and the showcased screenshots are purely for illustrative purposes. Thank you for taking the time to read my Minute Pop Review. Stay tuned for my upcoming review article. Goodbye for now!

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