Overview ProfitCLass OTO Upsell: ProfitCLass consists of a single front-end and 5 distinct ProfitCLass OTO versions.

The various ProfitCLass OTOs provide additional features. commercial license rights, and more. Take advantage of the early bird price cut for all ProfitCLass OTO editions along with Discount ToDay.

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Hosting is a very important step and it greatly determines the development and growth of the website on the Internet. With the strong development of technology, hosting also forms many types and you can choose to match the size of your business. Hosting has always been a service another party gives you and you can never do it yourself: HawHost; HostGator, BlueHost, etc.

A website is impossible without hosting and trusting also makes you hesitate a lot. In short, you have to pay to maintain whether you use a small or large package for your website. You often face your website crashes or security is not guaranteed even though you have spent a lot of money.

On the market today, there are many tools born to help you host unlimited websites, but those may just be advertisements and you may lose more money. Today, I included the PROFITCLASS product in this article because I don’t want you to have to invest in useless tools anymore. PROFITCLASS is the next product in a successful series of products called Profit by Mike Mckay. Collections help you take shortcuts with 1-click systems.

Don’t pass this post if you want to be a smart marketer.


Vendor Mike & Radu
Product ProfitClass
Launch Date 2023-Dec-14
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


ProfitClass is a cloud-based app that lets you get unlimited cloud hosting & funnel builder for all your sites & domains at a low, one time price.

an easily accessible cloud-based hosting solution that functions as an AI-powered alternative to “MasterClass.”



Radu Hahaianu, Mike McKay and Calin Loan created this versatile software.

These guys have collaborated together many times before and their launches always make customers happy. This trio is a familiar name in the field of online marketing and software development and built their reputation through many high-quality products such as Kash4Crypto, ProfitApp, ProfitHost, ProfitMeet, Profit Enigma, ProfitSuite, TrafficCrush, ProfitSite, ProfitSend, ProfitHub and recently with the success of ProfitContact and ProfitContent in their “Profit” series, they gave birth PROFITCLASS to make sure that you have all useful tool to blow your business up.


Unleash the potential of ProfitClass and revolutionize your online success!

✍️ Develop Infinite Cloud Membership Platforms
Whether it's for your personal use or your clients' needs, effortlessly create limitless cloud membership sites in any niche. Simply convey your preferences to the AI, and watch your site come to life within minutes!

✍️ Abundance of AI-Generated Content

Utilize our advanced AI to craft original video courses, informational products, and premium services. Witness your concepts seamlessly materialize!

✍️ Extensive Template Selection

Opt for ready-to-use niche templates from a diverse collection, making ProfitClass the ultimate solution for your site-building requirements, surpassing even the capabilities of "Kajabi."

✍️ User-Friendly Drag & Drop Editor
Experience a user-friendly site creator and editor equipped with SSL encryption, efficient user management, and streamlined payment processing capabilities.

✍️ Lucrative Opportunities Await

Whether you're creating membership sites for personal use or selling them to local businesses, ProfitClass guarantees substantial profits right from the beginning!

✍️ Assured Traffic Surge

Leverage built-in traffic from the start. Our AI tirelessly generates unique video courses spanning 250+ niches, seamlessly integrating them into your membership platform.

✍️ Swift Loading Experience
Enjoy websites with faster loading times than ever before, boasting an impressive 99% uptime.

✍️ Pre-qualified Visitors

Direct waves of eager visitors ready to make purchases for your training content.

✍️ Effortless Support & Processing

Delegate ticket handling, delivery, and processing to our dedicated support team.

✍️ Versatile Selling Capabilities

Effortlessly sell anything with our integrated shops, comprehensive user management, and secure payment gateways. From software and affiliate offers to physical products and pre-made services, ProfitClass has you covered!

✍️ All-In-One Dashboard Mastery
Simplify your operations with an all-in-one dashboard that handles hosting, site creation, shopping cart functions, payments, product delivery, and more.

✍️ Diverse Traffic Sources

Explore multiple traffic streams and access hundreds of ready-to-sell products built directly into the platform.

✍️ Done-for-You Email Autoresponder

Integrate our autoresponder seamlessly with built-in business leads for a hassle-free email marketing experience. ProfitClass takes care of your online journey from start to finish!

Now, Let’s Discuss the Built-in Autoresponder in ProfitClass:
It comes with its ready-to-go sending servers, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
You can send as many emails as you want to as many people as you want.
It’s ideal for crucial emails like creating accounts, expressing gratitude for a purchase, or delivering courses.
It’s also excellent for marketing emails, such as informing people about new courses or offering them discounts.
Moreover, it provides you with business leads you can email right away.
And guess what? The AI can even compose emails for you. Simple, isn't it?


This tool simplifies the process of starting your membership service. Just follow three straightforward steps for results:

Step 1: Log in to the cloud platform and create your site:

Utilize the rock-solid servers to effortlessly create and host unlimited membership websites from a variety of templates.

Step 2: Use the built-in AI to create unlimited products:

With a simple click, generate an array of products, including video courses, informational products, and even high-ticket services like coaching programs.

Step 3: Let the product handle traffic, sales, and processing:

The product takes care of everything, from attracting ready-to-engage visitors to managing payments, and user interactions, and even providing technical support!

PROFITCLASS Review – The Demo Video


   ♥   ProfitClass Lets You Host Unlimited Sites Safely On The Cloud Servers

PROFITCLASS guarantees your websites will be protected. You know existing hosting is expensive, hard to configure and unreliable. You often have to worry about the website being hacked and losing information and data. You have spent a lot of money to pay for hosting packages but all you get is not as expected. Not to mention, your website cannot load smoothly, causing you to lose a lot of traffic.

Obviously, no visitor is patient enough to stay too long and wait for your page to load. That is the top reason you should consider PROFITCLASS. You may find its features too similar to other apps on the market, but I can assure you that the quality is second to none.

The products in the “Profit” series of this trio are always aimed at saving. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for hosting every month, now with just a one-time payment for this product, you have saved money a lot.

   ♥   ProfitClass Is 100% Newbie Friendly

These may have been complicated operations and you never thought you could do it, right? But now, you can do it all yourself. PROFITCLASS enables you to create your own dream pages and funnels. You do not need to pay a designer or developer for these tasks.

Moreover, it allows you to build up your own personalized email addresses. All you can do is thanks to unparalleled features such as a first-ever compression algorithm that loads files fast, a 1-click WordPress installer, and a next-generation Control Panel. Why are you still on the fence? While your peers have already tried it and made more profits.


Front End: ProfitClass ($17)

  • Create cloud-based membership sites for personal use or clients in any niche.

  • Simply convey your desires to the AI, and it will create it for you.

  • Direct a multitude of eager, potential buyers to your training, ready to make immediate purchases.

  • Fully hosted on a dedicated server with done-for-you user management.

  • Generate sought-after, unique video content and informational products across more than 250 diverse niches.

  • Drag & drop editor & dozens of built-in templates.

  • Enable sales for any product through integrated payment processing and a seamless shopping cart system.

  • SSL encryption.

  • Done-for-you support.

OTO 1: Pro Edition ($37)

  • Unlock the potential for boundless product creation, video courses, and membership site hosting, complete with unlimited client subaccounts, through ProfitClass PRO.

  • Harness the power of a built-in autoresponder featuring SMTP for seamless email marketing, eliminating the need for extra configurations or added expenses

  • Obtain a Commercial & Developers License, allowing you to create, host, and even resell courses, AI products, and membership sites on platforms like Flippa and Fiverr.

  • Leverage the unparalleled value of this all-in-one system for an exclusive price.

  • Elevate your experience to PRO for limitless marketing capabilities, automated backups, deluxe templates, advanced malware protection, mobile optimization, and premium support.

OTO 2: Enterprise Edition($27)

  • Access your dedicated professional video player for direct video uploads and seamless presentations.

  • Optimize your file management with cloud-based storage, akin to a personalized Dropbox, offering effortless sharing capabilities.

  • Make informed decisions with comprehensive analytics.

  • Receive dedicated, personal support directly from the ProfitClass team.

  • Elevate your offerings by incorporating encrypted delivery files, expiration settings, advanced analytics, and automated social media sharing for enhanced functionality.

  • Effortlessly collaborate with team members and fellow ProfitClass users using top-tier collaboration tools.

OTO’S 3: DFY Upgrade ($37)

  • Streamline your sales process with ProfitClass DFY to generate substantial commissions for every visitor.

  • Benefit from built-in OTOs and upgrades, turning a simple sale into substantial commissions.

  • Experience full commercial rights to high-demand software tools, giving you the option to rebrand and sell them as your own while keeping all the profits.

  • Utilize ready-made affiliate reviews, SEO optimized for organic and viral traffic.

OTO 4: Reseller License ($197)

  • Acquire an exclusive agency license for ProfitClass, enabling you to retain 100% of customer payments.

  • Enjoy the convenience of having all customer support handled by the ProfitClass team.

  • Leverage expertly crafted marketing pages, compelling videos, and persuasive sales copy to enhance your sales initiatives.

OTO 5: IMX Bundle ($97)

  • Gain entry to an all-encompassing package that comprises top-selling products, an email marketing system, complimentary white-label software, personalized coaching sessions, video marketing tools, outsourcing training, and additional resources.


It was created for everyone who wants to save money and efforts in hosting and data storage. 100% newbie friendly and easy to use. You can’t believe how simple it makes it to pull in commissions and PROFITCLASS makes your sites load faster than anything else. This software is guaranteed to work – trial it today at no risk. Here is who will benefit from:

   ♥   Anyone who wants to have their own websites live online without paying a monthly fee for it

   ♥   Anyone who wants their websites to be fast-loading and easy to access in an efficient way with ZERO downtime

   ♥   Anyone who values their security and privacy and wants to keep their sites ENCRYPTED and PROTECTED against hackers

   ♥   Anyone who wants to save money while not sacrificing ANY quality

   ♥   Any website owner or online marketer

   ♥   Anyone who is ready to take control of their own destiny, exit the rat race and stop giving money away to large corporations



   ♥   Host unlimited websites and domains on this cloud hosting servers for a low one-time fee

   ♥   Get faster loading websites than ever before with 100% uptime

   ♥   60-second setup wizard lets you quickly get your sites live on our servers

   ♥   Create incredible pages, funnels, and websites with drag & drop ease using the built-in funnel builder

   ♥   Dedicated server cluster with built-in ddos protection, 24.7 backups and hacker-proof security

   ♥   Unlimited free end-to-end ssl encryption protects you and your websites

   ♥   Pay once, use forever hosting on unlimited domains or sites

   ♥   Unlimited bandwidth with no monthly or yearly fee

   ♥   Host all of your website’s data including files, images and graphics

   ♥   100% newbie friendly with point-and-click user interface

   ♥   Your own personalized business email accounts

   ♥   Legal compliance (GDPR, ADA, etc) built-in

   ♥   Free one-click wordpress installer with next-generation control panel

   ♥   24/7 support from marketing gurus

   ♥   Never lose your precious data: malware protection is built right in

   ♥   No technical skills or experience needed


   X   There are no bugs.


It is nothing but the end of today’s review. I want to share with you more but you may think I am into this product too much to flatter it all the time, so I have to stop here. I’m honored to have you read this far. Goodbye, I’ll be back soon with another great product. Wait for me, I won’t be gone for too long!

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